IM is increasingly committed to and active in all areas of Italian mission. 'ITALIAN MINISTRIES - committed to mission!'. Currently IM is engaging in several specific aspects of mission-ministry:

 Network - IM brings together believers involved in mission. A "platform" has been created where contact and encouragement facilitates a commitment to mission through "communion, communication and collaboration".

 GMI - The Italian Missionary Group (GMI) is an Italian missionary service agency. It exists primarily for Italians in mission both in Italy and beyond. Structurally independent, GMI is at the very heart of IM.

 Azione - part of IM's vision is to facilitate the Italian church's involvement in the holistic aspects of mission too. IM is therefore committed to identifying and supporting in every possible way humanitarian projects of various kinds.

 9.37 - This youth mission movement has developed to give vision and facilitate the actual involvement in mission for Italian young people. Structurally independent, 9.37 also closely identifies with IM. For further information visit: www.nove37.com

 IM International - IM is represented internationally by Italian Ministries International (IM International) which exists to:
• Challenge (inform) believers about needs and ministry opportunities in Italy.
• Facilitate the establishing of partnerships between the mission in Italy and other countries in mission-related matters.
• Function as an "umbrella" organization in different countries for like-minded partnering Italian ministries and missionaries.
• Promote the ministry of IM in Italy and beyond.
• Receive financial help and offers of assistance and channel these resources to Italy.
IM International currently has representatives in the USAUK
 and Germany.

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